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Experts International Recruitment Services (EIRS)

What we can do for you?

Experts International Recruitment Services (EIRS) takes an innovative and proactive approach to servicing its Clients. A dedicated research team works closely with businesses and is always up to date with industry trends to provide exceptional niche talent to help you focus on the functioning of your business. We choose the right people by the following ways;


EIRS handles the hiring task to help Start-Up companies focus on their core-competencies and building competitive advantage by saving their time, effort and reducing costs. EIRS Outsourcing is the service of choice for more than 200 companies in the region. We increase companies’ efficiencies by:

  • Recruiting staff on Contractual or Permanent basis
  • Offering satisfactory benefits to our candidates like salaries medical insurance, end-of-service, annual leaves and airfare
  • Sponsoring our candidates and offering trial period to ensure client’s satisfaction.
  • 2.Direct Hire / Recruitment

    EIRS licensed by the official authorities to provide Human Resource services in the UAE. Our objectives include

  • seek the perfect candidates for permanent or temporary job positioning tailored to our client’s needs, within the UAE and the region.
  • Working with data base of over 500,000 professionals from 50 countries.
  • Our Account Management System works closely with our candidates offering comprehensive consultancy to ensure complete satisfaction from the shortlisting to the hiring process.
  • 3.Overseas Recruitment

    EIRS works on international reach to provide the client exceptional talents from countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa, USA, Canada, Australia, Central Asia and Far East. Our associated network are distinctive professionals from overseas, that provides HR support including Applicant Screening Matrix for shortlisting, followed up by an intensive interview Matrix in which the candidate will be picked. Our company then proceeds with all around recruiting services ranging from formalizing candidate’s documents to background checks and finally candidate relocation. We have successfully filled jobs in a large variety of industries, with EIRS you can trust the most suited candidate will be evaluated and shortlisted for the job.

    4.Temporary Staffing

    At EIRS we offer Temporary and contract basis candidates to enable businesses to adjust more quickly and easily to unexpected increase in workload. This helps skilled workers to provide their skills on a more flexible basis in addition to help clients gain access to talented candidates who want to improve their marketability. This is why we believe Temporary and Contracting is a key growth strategy to help maintain your company’s peak performance.


    We understand that clients are constantly seeking to add flexibility to their skilled work force. With our associates in over 50 countries including (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia and Vietnam) helps us have access to skilled labor and talent with best cultural fit that our client needs exactly when they need it. Our benefits and services are inclusive of (food, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, work compensation insurance, third party insurance and many more). We make employing skilled people on permanent or contractual basis easier than ever.

    6.Emiratization Assistance

    EIRS realizes that Emiratization is a key performance indicator for the success growth of the UAE. We contribute to the nation’s growth by building a database of innovative, skilled UAE Nationals to build a competitive, knowledge based economy. We achieve this by putting forward a set of expertise of Emiratization consultants who provide training and focus on developing local talent that leads them to great opportunities within both the government and private sector.

    7.Additional Services

    Across much of our network and services, we offer additional services such as Professional CV. writing and Interview preparation: EIRS works closely with candidates to help them execute a successful meeting during an interview to assist them with finding most suited job. In addition to our on-going expert staff and employee training to ensure top notch service delivery to both our clients and our candidates. Head Hunting: EIRS has built extensive network over the years, to guarantee headhunting the most talented Executives tailored to suit our client needs in all industry sectors. We honor ourselves on our clients and candidate’s complete confidentiality.

    8.Head Hunting

    EIRS has a network of contacts developed over years of relationship building, which supplement the executive search protocol involved in seeking recommendations and tracking high performance individuals with complete confidentiality.